Melanie Leandro

The Smiling Man Wins Best Make-Up Award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2016

Bam! We are so very grateful for winning the Best Make-up Award at the 2016 Los Angeles Short Film Festival! Huge congratulations goes to our Lead Makeup FX Artist Melanie Leandro and her team (Brittany Fontaine and Rowan Walters) for their amazing work and for our amazing actor Strange Dave for providing the canvas and breathing life to a character that's making a lot of people's skin crawl!

Check out some images of Melanie and her team at work as well as some assorted BTS photos below!

The Smiling Man Wins Best Make-up Award at HollyShorts 2015!

We had an amazing time screening at the 11th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival, showcased in a block of horror shorts on Friday, August 14.

The Smiling Man was honored with the award of Best Make-up, thanks to the efforts of our fantastic Makeup FX team, led by Melanie Leandro, with prosthetics by Brittany Fontaine and assisted by Rowan Walters.

You can check out a timelapse of the grueling 8 hours of work it took to turn Strange Dave into The Smiling Man here: