Best SFX

The Smiling Man Wins Best Make-Up Award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2016

Bam! We are so very grateful for winning the Best Make-up Award at the 2016 Los Angeles Short Film Festival! Huge congratulations goes to our Lead Makeup FX Artist Melanie Leandro and her team (Brittany Fontaine and Rowan Walters) for their amazing work and for our amazing actor Strange Dave for providing the canvas and breathing life to a character that's making a lot of people's skin crawl!

Check out some images of Melanie and her team at work as well as some assorted BTS photos below!

The Smiling Man Nominated for 4 Awards at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2015

We are very humbled to announce that The Smiling Man has been nominated for 4 awards at the upcoming Horrible Imaginings Film Festival 2015, held in San Diego, CA.

The Smiling Man is nominated for the following awards: Best "Monster Show" Short, Best Shor Film SFX, Best Short Film Cinematography and Best Short Film Director.

Horrible Imaginings runs on the weekend of September 11-13 at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), in Balboa Park, San Diego. The Smiling Man screens on Friday, September 11 at 5pm on the "Child's Nightmares" block. Tickets are available online now!

For a complete list of award nominations at Horrible Imaginings 2015, click the link here: