The Smiling Man Review: "the mark of a truly skilled manipulator of emotion."

The great folks at Horror House Party reviewed The Smiling Man during our screening at the Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival in San Diego. The review comes in two parts, one is spoiler-free, and the other spills most of the juicy plot details.

If you have yet to see The Smiling Man, it's probably better to just check out the "spoiler free" review. You can check it out here:

Spoiler Alert!

For those of you who have already seen it, check out their very positive review below:

Looking to see The Smiling Man? It is screening in 15 film festivals all over the world in October alone! This weekend, we will be at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival (Oct. 10, actress Abbi Chally and her mom Mellisa will be in attendance!), next weekend we will be in Boise at the Idaho Horror Film Festival (10/17, writer/director AJ Briones in attendance!), Biloxi for the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival & Convention (nominated for 4 awards!) and Louisville for Fright Night Film Fest!

For a complete list of our upcoming screenings, check out our screening page here:

Official Selection - Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2015

Friends in Sacramento, The Smiling Man will be slithering your way October 9-11 as an Official Selection to the Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2015! We will be screening at the historic Colonial Theatre, whose iconic doors first opened in 1939. As soon as screening dates and times are announced, we will report them here! This is our lead actress' home town, so it's very possible that cast and crew will be in the screening and available for the Q&A!

About the Sacramento Horror Film Festival

The Sacramento Horror Film Festival was created in 2007 with many purposes. The festival founder desired the festival to be a platform for the horror filmmaker while providing a satisfying and valued movie going experience to the film patron.  

The SHFF screens more films over fewer days than any other horror film festival thus providing a greater chance for exposure for the horror filmmaker. We have a profound dedication to the horror genre. The festival screens all things horror including features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, trailers, and animations.  

We do more than screen a series of films. We enhance the film going experience between film programs by inserting live music, performance art, interactive games, costume contests, and comedy all hosted by horror host personalities. The Sacramento Horror Film Festival is more than a festival- it is multi-faceted arts and entertainment event.  

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