Makeup FX of The Smiling Man - Timelapse

It took Lead Makeup FX Artist Melanie Leandro and her assistant Rowan Walters 6 hours to transform Strange Dave into The Smiling Man, with the help of prosthetic teeth from Brittany Fontaine. We document the process in this timelapse.

We shot Dave in varying stages of makeup: one of just the hands; hands, lower body and back; and one with the full makeup.

We didn't want to scare Abbi with the full makeup during her overs, so Melanie turned him into a cuter creature with whiskers and a nose during those shots. You can see some of that if you look closely.

Thanks to Justin Denton for putting this timelapse together!

Great big thanks to the team for an awesome effort. You can catch our World Premiere at Filmquest 2015 on June 19!