Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival Promo Video

The Smiling Man is featured in the promo video for the 2015 Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival, alongside films such as Re-Animator, Goodnight Mommy and Alleluia. Screening at the iconic Alamo Drafthouse for our Virginia Premiere, The Smiling Man screens in the Homegrown Horror Showcase at 6pm on Saturday, 10/31!

Check out the promo and see if you can spot The Smiling Man!

About the Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival

As lovers of the arts, that's exactly what we're trying to promote.  Through the Virginia Independent Horror Film Festival, we aim to showcase locally made independent horror films from across the genre.  Though we are one of the newer festivals in the region, we are confident that attendees of our film festival will be a'quiver with fear and delight!
We plan to give the community at large an intimate glimpse into the world of independent film making through an open question and answer panel during our festival, as well.  In taking a closer look at how these films are conceived, we hope to not only further educate the community on the intricacies of this great trade, but to further whet your whistles and leave you wanting to come back for more. 

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