Official Selection - Fangoria International Online Film Festival

We are proud to announce that The Smiling Man is an Official Selection to Fangoria's International Online Film Fest!

Fangoria recently featured The Smiling Man with a very flattering preview in their article "FIOFF '15 Submissions to Die For: A.J. Briones' 'The Smiling Man'" and we are very excited to enter our film into competition.

Click above to read Fangoria's preview for The Smiling Man

Click above to read Fangoria's preview for The Smiling Man

I have a great deal of love for Fangoria, it's a magazine whose pages I've obsessed over when I was a teen, so suffice to say this is a very special moment for me. As soon as we find out more details about the fest, we will report them here!

About Fangoria's International Online Film Fest

While the film festival experience allows films to debut in cities around the world to select patrons, the FANGORIA International Online Film Festival gives horror-centric filmmakers from around the globe the opportunity to premiere their films to a worldwide audience. As times have changed with the distribution and presentation of content, FANGORIA is changing the the film festival experience with it, offering new, quality genre entertainment- both feature length and shorts- to your televisions, computers, tablets and phones.

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