Closing in on completion

I want to take a moment to welcome you all to the website for The Smiling Man, a short horror film that we are working hard to finish in the next couple of months.

To get you up to speed, The Smiling Man is my second horror short film, the first being Carolina Parakeet, which is enjoying a surprising (to us, at least) amount of success in its Festival run.  Carolina Parakeet has, to date,  been selected to 22 Film Festivals worldwide and has won 5 awards. It was also ranked #6 in the Top 20 Horror Short Films of 2014 by the Horror Happens Radio Show.

We completed principal photography on The Smiling Man over 2 days in November, and we're looking at shooting 1 pick-up day on Feb. 1. The edit is mostly complete (except for the new bits we are re-shooting), and all that is left is the music score, the sound design, the visual effects and the color grade.

It's still a ton of work.

We are hopeful that we can finish the film and submit The Smiling Man to film festivals in April of 2015.

This website will be the space where we hope to bring you production updates, festival news and everything else related to the film. You can also follow us on Facebook at

Thanks for reading, and watch this space! We can't wait to bring The Smiling Man to screens worldwide!